Version 0.23 First Wave

Speaker: Henrik Weber

I have been fascinated by computers since my first contact with a BBC Acorn Model B a long time ago. In those days open source came in the form of a listing for lunar lander that had to be typed in every day because wa had no tape drive to store it. Fast forward - Today I work for the custom solution delivery at Capgemini as delivery architect, creating unique solutions for the unique problems of our clients. And I still like to get my hands on (and into) code. I love Python, but Java is okay as bread and butter language.

If life hands you lemons, make lemonade. That kind of fits me.

The typical way how I acquire my projects goes something like this:

Hey, are you in for a COBOL on an IBM host to Java migration project?
Great, you got it
There always is a lot to learn, even with old technology. And doing a legacy system migration with less than two hours of downtime certainly taught me a lot.

Or like this:

All the sexy parts of the project have already been taken, but we still need someone to build that reporting system. You can start right now.
Can I make it a highly parallel, high throughput, real time system using bleeding edge open source in-memory technology? And could I have a bunch of your biggest servers to run it in a cluster?
Erm... okay

That's how I got the topic for my presentation at FrOSCon.