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Speaker: Matthias Kirschner


Matthias Kirschner is FSFE's vice president. Involved in FSFE since 2004 he is in charge of several campaigns, and FSFE's policy work in Germany.

Matthias Kirschner is responsible for FSFE's public awareness work, coordinates FSFE's German policy work, and manages FSFE's Berlin office. He helps journalists, politicians, civil servants, companies, and the general public to understand why Free Software matters for society and economy.

He started using GNU/Linux in 1999 and soon got interested in the political and social aspects of Free Software, so he decided to study Politics and Management. He joined FSFE as the first intern in 2004, and afterwards decided to move to Berlin and continue his studies in Potsdam, to convince politicians and civil servants about Free Software. In 2009 he finished his diploma thesis on IT coordination in the Federal Administration, and started working full time for FSFE.

Since 2004 he has been involved in a wide range of FSFE's activities: He started the "I love Free Software Day", coordinated the Free Software PDF Readers campaign, FSFE's questionnaire for elections and was involved in other campaigns. Matthias also is the editor of FSFE's monthly newsletter. He represented FSFE at public events, was invited as expert to hearings in the German parliament about Free Software and software patents, and is member of the German Government's SAGA expert group.

Matthias assists in wilderness first aid seminars, loves comics like XKCD and Transmetropolitan; Monty Python, Die Ärzte, and hot soy chocolate.